Strategic and creative input to a CEO of a SEK 20+ bn company (confidential client)
I deliver an individual development program for a CEO of a SEK 20+ bn company with the goal to 
challenge the current strategy and transition to a new one. I facilitate the strategy discussions in the
management team to reach a common platform for the new strategy.

Mentoring program for entrepreneurs in agriculture and gardening (Jordbruksverket) 
I do the concept design and implementation of  a mentoring program for small, business-driven 
entrepreneurs within agriculture and gardening to stimulate business growth outside of urban areas.

Ghostwriter of a memoir (confidential client) 
My assignment is to write and edit a memoir for a former CEO of a large corporation.

Editor of a management book (Liber) 
I edit and advise on text formulation and structure of a management book.

Concept design of corporate value implementation (Ahlstrom-Munksjö)
I designed the concept for a corporate value roll-out for 6000+ employees to unite the organisation
post the merger of Ahlstrom and Munksjö.

Innovation approach and idea management system (Ericsson, India) 
I was given a complex assignment in a new organization at Ericsson in India where I was to help define
and set an innovation approach and, foremost, design an idea management system to catch everyday
innovation. Together, we set up a system that made submitting and evaluating ideas for funding of and
action on ideas easy to understand and use, and to track ideas’ progress to prototype and/or service/
product, accessible for 10,000+ employees.

Internal and external employer branding (ABB)
I created a talent program for engineering students called Sustainable Talent Program,
addressing the lower percentage of women applying to technical jobs. The assignment
ended after completion and successful revisions of the program; the program still runs
on a yearly basis. Internally, I designed a network program, ABB Women’s Forum FORWARD,
for female high potentials next in line to take on business management roles.

Mentoring program for upcoming leaders (Luftfartsverket) 
I created a mentoring program for upcoming leaders in need of an enhanced external perspective
and customer focus, having gone from being a state-owned organization to experiencing the
pressure of a competitive market. I identified and matched the mentors and created parts of the
content for the program.

Innovation from a CEO perspective 
During the past 10 years, I have interview the CEOs of global Swedish corporations in order to
map their view on innovation as a concept. The findings are under production to become a book on
innovation development in Sweden from a CEO perspective come 2018.

Self-leadership of top leaders 
I performed a qualitative pilot study of the self-leadership of former top leaders - a retrospective
interview study spanning over a whole career.

Research grant from VINNOVA, Sweden’s governmental innovation agency 
I was granted funds to explore concurrent trends in gender equality work at large corporations
and to take that information to use for product and service development. The research also
resulted in a trend report pointing at challenges working with this issue.

Carpe Competencia 
Carpe Competencia was my first entrepreneurial venture from which I built the network for
everything that came after. Carpe Competencia’s aim was to encourage female young professionals
and students to pursue careers as leaders. I built the network from scratch with a team of 5-10 and
reached over 3,000 members and over 100 client assignments. We set up innovative mentoring, trainee
and leadership programs, and events. At it's peak Carpe Competencia was Sweden’s largest female
network for engineering and business students. 
Clients, among others, were: Accenture, AstraZeneca, AtlasCopco, BCG, Capgemini, Ericsson, Scania,
SEB, Skanska, StoraEnso, Swedbank, Vattenfall.
In 2007, Carpe Competencia was sold to a company within Investor-owned Novare.